October 2021


Performance Analysis of Cement Foaming Agent

In recent years, foam concrete blocks (also called cement foam blocks) have been widely used and promoted as a new type of self-insulating wall material. Foamed […]

In recent years, foam concrete blocks (also called cement foam blocks) have been widely used and promoted as a new type of self-insulating wall material. Foamed concrete blocks have different properties according to their own density. The reason is the ratio of foaming agents in the production of foamed concrete.

As an important part of the process flow of the cement foaming block production line equipment, the ratio and formula of the cement foaming agent are very important. At present, most of the foaming agents used in cement use anionic surfactants. The advantages of this foaming agent are that the foaming speed is very fast and the amount of foam is large. This is also the reason for the current popularity, but it stabilizes the foam. The time is short, and the defoaming time is also very fast.

It is understood that there are more than 10 kinds of anionic surfactants that can be used as foaming agents, but the most commonly used, lowest cost, and most readily available are alkylbenzene sulfonates. Its representative is sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate. The synthesis process of sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate is relatively simple. At present, propylene is mainly used as raw material to first polymerize into propylene tetramer dodecene (C12H24), and then copolymerize with benzene to form a complex mixture of dodecylbenzene. The oleum is sulfonated to dodecylbenzene sulfonic acid and neutralized with 1 sodium hydroxide to form the sodium salt.

Fast foaming and large foam volume are the outstanding advantages of sodium alkyl sulfonate and the main reason why it is welcomed by some people.

However, just like many synthetic surfactant foaming agents, sodium alkyl sulfonate is easy to foam and difficult to store. Its foam rises quickly, but it disappears quickly. The stability of the foam is relatively poor. After the foam is initiated, it will all disappear in tens of minutes, and it is not easy to keep it. Even if it is combined with a foam stabilizer and other technical measures are taken, most of its foam will disappear in about 30 minutes. After the bubbles are made, we will clearly see its bubbles burst quickly one by one, and can hear the sound of bursting bubbles. The originally very small bubbles will quickly merge into larger and larger bubbles.

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