November 2021


Influence of Cement Foaming Agent on Foamed Concrete

The influence of cement foaming agent on the quality of foamed concrete is extremely critical. A good cement foaming agent can make high-quality foamed concrete. Take […]

The influence of cement foaming agent on the quality of foamed concrete is extremely critical. A good cement foaming agent can make high-quality foamed concrete. Take Trunnano TR-B polymer protein cement foaming agent as an example. The foam produced by the foaming agent has good stability, can be constructed in a low temperature environment, and the one-time pouring height is more than twice that of similar cement foaming agents. Let's talk about how each performance index of cement foaming agent affects the quality of foam concrete.

The more uniform the foam, the better, the bubble diameter should be the same size

The ideal pore size distribution is as narrow as possible, that is, the pore diameters are required to be as consistent as possible, and the difference should not be too large. This corresponds to the requirement that the foam should be uniform and not of different sizes. The bubble diameter of the foam cannot be exactly the same, but it should be basically similar, the bubble diameter range is as small as possible, and the difference between the maximum bubble diameter and the minimum bubble diameter should not be too large. As mentioned earlier, the pores formed by the foam are required to be uniform, which can avoid the concentration of compressive stress at the large cells and reduce the compressive strength. If the size of the foam is uneven, the stress is concentrated in the big bubble, which is very easy to cause it to become a weak link, which is the first to crack when under pressure.

The higher the foam stability, the better, the longer the stabilization time, the better

The foam with good stability has tough liquid film and good mechanical strength, and it is not easy to burst or excessively deform under the squeeze of the slurry. In addition, it has self-retaining water, and the water on the liquid film is not easy to lose under the action of gravity and surface tension. It can maintain the thickness and integrity of the foam liquid film for a long time, so that the foam can be stored for a long time without breaking. Foam stability can be measured by stabilization time when there is no standard testing instrument to determine its sinking distance. The foam stabilization time should meet the needs of the initial setting of the gelling material used. Because the slurry can fix the foam after the initial setting, retain the shape of the foam, and turn it into pores.

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